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Birmingham Quick Lube

Birmingham Quick Lube is your one-stop shop for the best service in oil & filter changes & general auto maintenance we are located in the Woodward corridor of Oakland County & in the greater Birmingham area. We are just north of 14 Mile Road on Woodward Avenue on the east side of the street.

Why should you trust your vehicle’s maintenance with us?
There are many choices in the marketplace but there are many reasons why you can feel secure in trusting the upkeep of your transportation with us.

We have certified master mechanic on duty .All of our work is done to the manufactures specifications. We use high quality oils & filters. We will never compromise the longevity of your vehicle by using cheap, recycled oil & low quality filters that may not protect your engine from excessive wear & tear. Some of those “cheap” oil discount places you may see are actually very expensive in the long run for this very reason.

We thoroughly check the vehicle for safety issues and if you need something done we let you know about it. Our approach is to always educate you on what is happening with your vehicle and then let you decide. We do often find things that might need addressing now or in the near future; as anyone would who is doing a good job to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. We want to make sure you know that we won’t pressure you to buy more services unlike some other oil changes. Our desire is to keep you happy for the next 20 years & so if you don’t choose us to fix your something that needs addressing it doesn’t matter to us in the grand scheme of things.

We have a vide variety of oils & filters. We have the oil and filter for 99% of vehicles today and if we don’t have it we can get it.

We do Brakes, tune-ups, water pumps, heater cores, manifold gaskets, electrical work, radiator flushes, transmission flushes & more. We soon will be able to work on your air conditioning system as well.

We have nitrogen machines to fill your tires with nitrogen which lasts longer in the tire. This means you don’t have to stop to add air in your tires as often saving you time.

We can usually get your oil change done in about 10 minutes and will offer you a complimentary cold drink while you wait. We have a very high retention rate with most of our business being repeat customers. We are eager to show you that we can give you great service & a great value. So when it comes to your regular maintenance needs of your vehicle stop by and give us a chance. We are committed to keeping your car in the best shape possible so it lasts as long as possible without needing major repairs. It is all about value & service & we at Birmingham Quick Lube are dedicated to this mission

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